By-product Treatment and Utilisation

We believe there is value in every by-product, you just need to find it.

Lithium process by-product

Zeotech has developed a novel flowsheet for producing manufactured zeolites from lithium process by-product (leached spodumene).

The patent-pending IP provides a possible circular solution to the lithium refining industry by producing a valuable advanced material from process by-product.

In 2022, Zeotech was named as a lead industry partner in the Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing Trailblazer program, led by Curtin University, Australia. The program has the potential to accelerate commercialisation of the Company’s proprietary circular innovation for lithium process by-product, in conjunction with project partners The University of Queensland, Australia and Covalent Lithium.

Coal combustion by-product

Zeotech is developing novel synthesis methods at its in-house laboratory targeting the production of manufactured zeolites from coal fly ash (CFA).