Carbon Capture and Utilisation

Carbon dioxide accounts for more than 75% of total greenhouse gas emissions, which are warming the planet and disrupting the balance of nature.

We are partnering with leading researchers from The University of Queensland, Australia to investigate diverse applications for manufactured zeolite materials to capture CO₂ emissions using membrane separation, which could be utilised in value-add products through hydrogenation or electrochemical conversion.

Carbon Capture

Collaborating with The University of Queensland, Zeotech has supported an Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship to fund research that is investigating the development of zeolitic nanocomposite membranes for carbon capture.

The research into tailor-made membranes will develop a multi-scale modelling approach to design polymer-adsorbent nanocomposites for greenhouse gas recovery from flue gas.

The project’s innovative approach has the potential to expedite the evaluation of suitable membrane materials that could considerably reduce the experimental effort required to target adoption of this technology.

Carbon Utilisation

Zeotech is an industry partner in the Australian Research Council (ARC) Industrial Transformation Training Centre for the Global Hydrogen Economy.

The Company is collaborating with the University of Queensland to investigate the development of metal-based zeolites to be deployed as catalysts in a hydrogenation process, which could be utilised to capture CO₂ to produce value-add products such as syngas and hydrocarbon fuels using renewable energy.

Zeotech is also an industry partner in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Green Electrochemical Transformation of Carbon Dioxide. This body of research will similarly explore the development of metal-based zeolite catalysts to utilise captured CO₂ using electrochemical transformation and renewable energy.