Soil Carbon Sequestration and Nutrient Management

Fertiliser runoff is a serious environmental problem that affects the ecosystems, impacts crop economics and increases agricultures carbon footprint.

Facilitating soil carbon sequestration and improving nutrient efficiency

Our goal is to support farmers with existing and emerging challenges:

  • Fertiliser resource scarcity
  • On-farm impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss
  • Meeting net zero goals (creating carbon credits)

In collaboration with Griffith University, Australia, we are undertaking industry-led research for targeted product development of manufactured zeolite products that have strong nutrient carrying capacity and the potential to facilitate both organic and inorganic soil carbon sequestration.

As a result of the research and datasets generated from trials undertaken by Griffith University for Zeotech, a ‘Method and Use of Zeolites’ patent application was lodged on 21 August 2023, which is associated with carbon sequestration in soils utilising the Company’s zeolite-based products.